2,901 miles

When I first started telling people I was dating Kylee, the question of how we are going to make this work was asked multiple times. With 2,901 miles between us, our relationship should not be the easiest one I have had, but somehow it is. We are young, but we are willing to work out the kinks and figure this out because having each other is better than not. Of course I would love to come home every night after work and be able to talk about our days, laugh, have dinner and watch television. At this time, it is not an option, but that is okay.

Every single day is a challenge, but it always gives me time to continue on with being Alanna. I am a person who does too much, but is always happy to do it. I currently work three jobs and go to school full time. Just because I am busy does not mean my heart should be empty. I always say that if Kylee lived here or I lived there, I would not be able to be the best girlfriend I can be right now because I barely have time for my friends at times. Aside from being one of the most intelligent people I know, Kylee is beautiful, funny, sentimental, loving, kind and caring. She deserves the best that someone can give her and that would not be me if she lived here while I am this busy. I could write a million pages on how much I hate the distance, but can write another million on why it is okay and on how the distance does not harm our relationship.

We miss each other all day, but lately I have found a love and appreciation for technology. I am able to talk to her from when she wakes up and until I go to sleep. I can send her endless selfies and we can video chat if we both have the time. The absolute best part about the distance is it allows me to travel to places I never been. I am able to see this whole, new beautiful world with her.

There’s a song that say, “You’re so worth all this torture,” and she really is. She is worth the heart ache and being alone. She is who I want to be with and I will continue to do the long distance relationship with her until I no longer have to because she is so worth all the torture.She is worth the plane tickets. She is worth it all to me.