It is our first president, George Washington, who claimed that political parties would help solve some political issues. However, they will also serve as a means of division and destroy our country. In 2017, we see daily how the country is being destroyed because of the bipartisan system. Instead of working together, people in both parties are tearing each other down by invalidating the other. As a liberal, the divide between political parties is upsetting to me and harmful to the entire country.

Here are two memes attacking the other side. As a Liberal, I can tell you none of these make me cry. I understand this is supposed to be funny, but the constant portrayal of Liberals being weak and sensitive needs to stop. I personally do not care if you have a gun. If you went through the classes and licensing, it is your choice to have one. As a woman, I believe single women should always carry mace or a small knife for protection. If a woman lives alone, she absolutely should have means of protection. The thing on this list that offends me the most is number 9, Patriotism. I am proud of where I grew up. Is it the best country in the world? No, but I am not worried every day about having a water or running out of food. Anytime I am hungry, I walk to the kitchen or drive to one of the several restaurants within miles of my house.

As for the list of things that make conservatives cry, no. It is true that religion and Conservative ideals go hand in hand, but there are MANY strong Conservative women and people who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. These people are the largest targets because other women and LGBTQ+ individuals feel betrayed. It is possible for someone who identifies as a Republican to agree with ideas of the opposing party, which many do. Something people often forget is that the parties are not black and white. It is a spectrum.

The constant belittling of each other needs to stop. Americans, Liberal or Conservative, need to understand the other person’s point of view. There is no need to accept it as your own, but instead accept that people have different views. There are a variety of influences on one’s perspective. To be the wonderful country we claim to be, we must learn to be united and respectful of our own neighbors.


Author: alannalevesque

My name is Alanna Levesque. I am currently 21 and working on becoming a teacher. I have a lot to say about things and writing is the best way to convey messages without coming off too strong. If I teach you anything, then I have succeeded.

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